Who is Mondo?

Picture this …

The place is your neighborhood, the game is dodgeball, and the new, awkward kid on the block? That’s you. Now, zoom-in on the boy (with an unforgettable gap between his front teeth) who picks you for his team – before the last round, even!

Your lunch tray is heavy, the cafeteria is loud, and there’s no place left to sit.  A chair loudly scrapes the floor and a tall popular teenager stands up. He looks in your direction, shouts above the noise, and then waves you towards the space he’s made – right. next. to. him.

Your relay needs a substitute backstroker. It’s nobody’s strong suit, and the opposing team has an unbeatable lineup. The coach appoints a guy who “leaves nothing in the water”; he swims that race like he invented the stroke. Naturally, a round of fist-bumps and blue ribbons follow!

Desperately Seeking Soccer Coach – for a group of 6 year olds?! None of the parents have played, and the first match is soon.  Move over, Ted Lasso… one dad steps up, learns the game, and that lucky team gains confidence, if not a trophy.

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Your kid needs a summer job?  Guess who hires them to paint his fence...

You’re visiting from out of town?  Guess who rallies the old gang to head out for dinner – even on a Tuesday.


You’re visiting … with your kids? Guess who books the bowling, who drives for ice cream, who throws a BBQ, who orders enough pizza for breakfast leftovers? 


You’re running a little short this month?  Guess who quietly ensures that you (or your kid) aren’t left out.


Your crowd hasn’t seen each other in over a year?  You-know-who organizes that memorable and/or annual golf/snowmobile/concert/camping outing! 


A family member is ill, one of your parents passes away, you’re down on your luck — or simply not up for any rallying?  This guy, he shows up with a cooler, a shoulder, stories, and his ear… he’s been there.  

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Aug - Sept 359

You need one of his epic hugs?  He's here.

With a booming voice that will forever resonate in the memories of those who knew him, his personal attention made you feel like the most important person in any room.


This is Mondo; tenacious, generous, humorous, and living life Extra-Large.

On October 12th of 2021, after several years of characteristic determination and unworldly patience … despite endless support from family, friends, numerous health care teams, and – most importantly – the constantly uplifting efforts of his unrelenting wife, Jill … Monte lost his last crucial meet, race, and match.  


Though he left an XL gap in our lives, Mondo continues to inspire us to show up, to rally together, to help out where help is needed.


Please help us carry Monte’s legacy of exceptional support into the future.

Join our “team” and help ensure that MONDO’S MISSION is both fun and a winner.


Just. Like. Him.