Empowering Youth To Succeed

A nonprofit organization to support youth development.

Our Why

Monte Rink, better known as Mondo, dedicated his life to helping others. 


When his kids were young he always noticed which of their classmates seemed a little lost, frustrated, or left behind. Always a man to take action, he would find out what he could do to make a difference. 


Mondo’s Mission carries on that legacy of love, care, and community.  


What We Do

The core of Monte is his love of mentoring kids – influencing them with his example and teaching them new skills whether on the basketball court, football field, using a construction tool, or painting a room. By reflecting on Monte’s passion for his kids and others, this seemed like the perfect path to follow with launching Mondo’s Mission. Focusing on the youth in our communities and showing them we care. That is the core of Mondo’s Mission.


We are passionate about the youth in our community and the organizations that focus on them. Collaborating with these organizations allows us to evaluate their immediate needs and determine how we can best help. Donating to Mondo’s Mission generates resources to fulfill these needs and provide support to our youth.

Why We Do It

We lost Mondo to an extremely rare form of salivary cancer. He never smoked or chewed tobacco, and to this day we don’t know how it originated. After we lost Mondo, one of his grade school friends suggested creating a nonprofit in his honor.


Focusing on the youth in our communities and showing them we care. That is the core of Mondo’s Mission.


We started in 2021 and hit the ground running. In our first year we supported four local beneficiaries that focus on youth development and empowerment in our community.



Mondo’s Mission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on supporting youth development. Your generous donation will be used to help us empower our community’s youth to succeed in life.

See “Our Projects” to learn how we support youth development.

“I want the best for my kids’ education-

all the resources available

so they can go as far as they can go.”

Monte Rink

Who is Mondo?

With a booming voice that will forever resonate in the memories of those who knew him, his personal attention made you feel like the most important person in any room.


This is Mondo; tenacious, generous, humorous, and living life Extra-Large.

Met him in high school. Awesome and legendary New Year’s Eve parties. Phenomenal swimmer. Moved back to Bloomington in 2004 and had good fortune to hang out and travel w him and Jill. Also great that all my kids were swimmers- he was always so encouraging and supportive of them. What a kind, loving and good man❤️❤️
- Laura Randolph
I have many memories of good conversations (from high school on) and of some very fun New Years Eve parties in the Rink basement. We had a great talk at the 2019 BHS reunion which I will always cherish.
- Beth Bach DiPrima
We met through Funky Fish then BNSC swimming. We spent 2 summers traveling the Midwest for meets. They were and will continue to be some of the most cherished memories I have. I had a fantastic time and always felt so welcomed and loved. Thank you ❤️
- Cheryl Spires
First memory of meeting: 6th grade at a BHS basketball game. I was chatting up a Washington girl and Monte didn’t like that as I was a Stevenson kid. One of us said; “let’s step outside” We then spent the next 20 minutes daring each other to throw the first punch. Thank God neither of us did. First memory of really liking Monte: summer of 85 during a party in the apartment he shared with Sey and Tom. I walked into kitchen to get a beer and he was on the phone with Mindy or Mitch and I heard him say that he was just checking to make sure all was good at home. In the middle of his own party and at age 19, he called home just to check in. That memory has always stuck with me.
- Mike Vohland
I met Monte in 2nd grade. Monte taught me that it is okay to be who you are. Whether that was living out loud or not. Monte was loyal, honest and compassionate. Thankful that he was a part of my life.
- Jon Kennett
I have too many to share! But I’ll always remember Mondo when I’m in Vegas! He was always the ring leader when we are at the pool and after about 10 minutes he’d say “let’s go gamble!” Also, he had such a big heart for the less fortunate. If they needed shoes, money, camps, etc he’d call me and say “let’s take care of these kids.” I’ll always remember Mondo the deal maker as well. You all know what I mean! No deal was ever good enough until Mondo approved! So many more……I’m gonna miss Mondo!
- Steve Barger
So many memories of Mondo. This story is short, but one I will never forget and one that I think it sums up the kind of man he was. The Saturday of Memorial Day in 1997, my mother unexpectedly passed in Bloomington. She was only 64. Cindy and I had moved to Naperville by that time, so all the Seyller boys (my brothers) were gathered at my brother Mark’s, who lived on Grove Street at the time. The news was so new, our spouses had not even arrived at his house yet. The first person I see walking up my brother’s driveway was Mondo. I am not even sure how he knew that my mom had passed, or even where we were gathered at, but there he was. He had a case of beer in one hand and an armful of gondolas in the other. He set them down and gave me a hug. We sat outside, popped a a couple beers, and told stories, laughed, and cried…just as we have been doing and will be doing with his passing. We will miss him, but only until we see him again.
- Greg Seyller
Thanks for all the job opportunities and life lessons growing up. I remember right handed layups and learning about the importance of saving money. I'll remember those forever and I’m thankful that you’ve helped prepare me for the real world.
- Derek Gliwa

Friends of Mondo's Mission