What Is Mondo's Mission

Lending a helping hand to those in need – that’s Mondo’s Mission.

Our Mission

Mondo’s Mission is a nonprofit organization to carry on Monte Rink’s legacy of supporting youth development.


What We Do

The core of Monte is his love of mentoring kids – influencing them with his example and teaching them new skills whether on the basketball court, football field, using a construction tool, or painting a room. By reflecting on Monte’s passion for his kids and others, this seemed like the perfect path to follow with launching Mondo’s Mission. Focusing on the youth in our communities and showing them we care. That is the core of Mondo’s Mission.


We are passionate about the youth in our community and the organizations that focus on them. Collaborating with these organizations allows us to evaluate their immediate needs and determine how we can best help. Donating to Mondo’s Mission generates resources to fulfill these needs and provide support to our youth.

Why We Do It

We lost Mondo to an extremely rare form of salivary cancer. He never smoked or chewed tobacco, and to this day we don’t know how it originated. After we lost Mondo one of his junior high school friends suggested creating a nonprofit in his honor.

Focusing on the youth in our communities and showing them we care. That is the core of Mondo’s Mission.

We started in 2021 and hit the ground running. In our first year we supported four local beneficiaries that focus on youth development and empowerment in our community.


Board of Directors

Jillyn Rink


Jill is Monte’s wife of 23 1/2 years, and together they have three beautiful children. Born and raised in the Bloomington-Normal community, she is a huge fan of her children and spends her weekends traveling to swim meets, golf matches, and bonding with them… just doing her best to fulfill the role of now being their mom and dad. She is thrilled to carry on Monte’s legacy of empowering youth to succeed and is excited to grow the organization to impact as many kids as we can.

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Joe Segabiano

Joe Segobiano

Board Member

Joe is Senior Vice President at Lincoln Property Company in Chicago with over 30 years multi-family development experience. He leads the acquisition efforts and manages the Midwest office.

Joe met Monte in seventh grade and quickly became friends. In high school he realized their friendship was based on character and trust, rather it be on the football field, in the classroom, or at a party. Joe knew that Monte would be a lifelong friend. Joe’s high school memories of Lake Bloomington, road trips, and going through the right of passage with Monte had a life changing impact on him. As they entered their professional lives, got married, and began our families, I realized what a good man and important friend he was.

The times they spent golfing and snowmobiling in Galena is the way he chooses to remember Monte. Because of the impact Monte had on my life and my family’s lives, it was only appropriate that Monte’s legacy live on for future generations – and Mondo’s Mission was born. What is so amazing is that Monte was that rare and special person who treated all of his friends the same. If you were a friend of Monte’s, you were his best friend.

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Jeff Gilmore

Board Member

Jeff is a high school friend and co-worker of Monte’s. Monte’s career began and ended working with Jeff. Although they took different paths in the middle, they always stayed connected and shared experiences with fatherhood, guy trips, family trips, and many great memories. Jeff wanted to join Mondo’s Mission because Monte was a great friend, father, and husband…plus, it’s what Mondo would have done for Jeff. Monte was all about helping other people, this is Jeff’s way of helping to carry on his legacy.

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John Pratt

Board Member

John is an attorney with Meyer Capel. He graduated from Bloomington Public Schools, University of Kentucky, and the University of Illinois College of Law. He enjoys spending time with his family, giving back to the community, swimming, outdoor activities, and live music. 

Mondo and John were teammates on the BHS swim team and became fast friends. John treasures the time they coached, camped, and went on trips together. He admires Mondo’s amazing energy and uncanny ability to gather all the resources necessary to accomplish the task at hand. Mondo has been an inspiration to John and so many others.



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